Well it's that time of the year where the entire city gets plastered with crappy campaign posters and people seem to be reacting to them differently.

Most of us ignore them because we don't take voting advice from cardboard. Some people feel the need to modify the posters in the most creative ways. And just the other day I saw an old man walking down the street ripping down every sign he came across.

But that wasn't enough for one Montreal man named Tyler Lemco who decided that it wasn't fair for all these people to have their faces posted around town. Why should they get all the attention? And who says you need to to be running a campaign in order to get a sign.

So Tyler said 'fuck it' and decided to make his own posters and stick them all over town. His mission is clear:

"Not running for anything, I just wanted a sign"

That's probably the most honest campaign slogan we've seen so far. 

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