So, yesterday I wrote an opinion piece where I made the claim that if Pokémon GO were to ever be banned anywhere in the world it would be in Montreal.

This is because of 3 simple reasons: We love to freak out, we love to protest and we love to ban things.

Unfortunately everyone just read the title and started yelling without actually reading the article to the point where some people were getting mad and asking Dennis Coderre why he would do such a thing.

Coderre's answer could not be more perfect:

"ben non"

Quite the opposite actually, we might become the city to beat the Guinness World Record for most Pokemon Go players playing at once.

Montreal To Host A Guinness World Record Pokémon GO Gathering At Mont-Royal Lookout

So allow me to put your fears at rest. No, Montreal is not banning Pokemon GO.

Now please, leave the Mayor alone.


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