Mont-Royal is one of the best places to visit in Montreal. Even for native Montrealers, the mountain never loses its appeal; it's our go-to hangout spot.

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Unfortunately, there are some people who want to jeopardize this. Luc Ferrandez the Mayor of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal wants to charge a $3 toll to drive over the mountain, and a $10 fee for you to go to Mont-Royal.

The idea is to redirect Montreal traffic to let construction continue as planned. But most Montrealers do not agree with this decision one bit. It seems that Ferrandez isn't taking the wishes of the citizens as seriously as he should be.

He says that: "Citizens don't have the right to block a project like this, which may be controversial but stands to benefit the city as a whole for generations to come".

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Last month, Ferrandez introduced a pilot project for this summer that would stop people from using Camilien-Houde to travel between Côte-des-Neiges and the Plateau. This morning a petition opposing the plan with nearly 25,000 signatures was released. The one supporting it only had 6,500.

Thankfully Valerie Plante is very much against the idea, so she plans on shutting it down. She wants the mountain to be accessible to everyone.

Check out Ferrandez's Facebook post for more info.

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