Out of all the changes brought by the new federal budget, one is a shining hope for beer drinkers in Montreal, and across Canada: the federal government will remove restrictions on microbreweries, allowing them to make and sell more types of beer.

Getting creative with ingredients has  been a problem for certain manufacturers who had to delay production because the government classified "beer'" in a very traditional sense.  

Restrictions on ingredients and manufacturing methods will be changed, allowing microbreweries to get more creative. The government will be a lot more lax on what is deemed "beer," which will hopefully result in a bunch of new craft beer creations previously unseen in Canada and Montreal.

Montreal's  has a lot of innovative microbreweries, which makes me giddy with glee for the new beers places like Brutopia, Benelux, Dieu de Ciel, St. Bock, and many more will be free to craft and sell.

Truthfully, the microbreweries of Montreal are already very creative (and maybe weren't exactly following government restrictions...) but the federal changes could allow them to sell products to a wider market across Canada. More beer is always a good thing.

What's your favourite microbrewery in Montreal?

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