Cat and coffee lovers, we are very pleased to announce that Café Chat l'heureux will definitely be opening this summer in Montreal. You heard right, North America's first ever Cat Café will be Montreal's new claim to fame.

Since the campaign launched at the end of January, Café Chat l'heureux exploded on the internet scene. Clement Marty, the man behind Café Chat l'heureux, raised over $40, 000 through their indiegogo campaign. The funding goal was reached, and thus the happy news we bring to you today.

Exact details on where the cafe will open and what it will look like are still to be determined. However, Marty has commented that the café will be focused on combining a playground feel with that of a modern restaurant. That will mean places to chill out and catnap on the ground, along with tables for people to get work done. Coffee, pastries, and sandwiches will be served, as will upscale pet products.

Behind this super-cute idea is the real goal of Café Chat l'heureux: to raise awareness of animal welfare in Montreal and Quebec. Marty already works with shelters in Montreal, and some cats at the café will even be up for adoption.

The one question on most people's mind (if you aren't placated by the thought of cute kittens) is the sanitary environment of a cat café where food will be served. The practice is widespread in Asia, but we'll see if there are some complications that arise from cat dander as Café Chat l'heureux preps to open in Montreal.

Are you excited fo Café Chat l'heureux?

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