Justin Trudeau is in Montreal, permanently. Well, not the Prime Minister himself, but a wax simulacrum of Trudeau that will be open to your selfie-taking-needs at Montreal’s Grévin Museum. 

Unveiled yesterday, the Trudeau wax sculpture is the most recent addition to Grévin’s lineup of famous figures. The lifelike Trudeau figure was inducted into Grévin alongside Katy Perry, the other new add-in. What an honour. 

An artistic rendering of the country’s federal leader that took six months to finish, reports the National Post, the statue features Trudeau in a blue suit complete with a red maple leaf pin. 

Being a statue of Trudeau, special attention was paid to his socks. Wax-Trudeau sports checkered red maple leafs socks, the kind of funky footwear the Prime Minister is famous for. 

And, of course, the wax-Trudeau’s hair also got some special attention. 500,000 individual wax hairs were implanted, one-by-one, to mirror the Prime Minister’s famously luscious locks. 

Trudeau himself didn’t pose for the statue’s artists, but his office was involved in its creation, to a degree. Photos were sent in to guide the artists and the Prime Minster’s Office approved of the look. 

The Prime Minster was also absent during the induction ceremony. But, again, his likeness will be forever (or for the foreseeable future) installed in Montreal’s wax musuem. 

But there is one problem: the statue isn’t exactly a great recreation of our handsome Prime Minister. 

Yes, the wax statue looks like Trudeau. If he was 30 years older and related to Martin Short. Or Fidel Castro, as one commentator pointed out. 

Plenty of folks have jumped on the hater-ade train to denigrate the more-than-a-little-creepy wax statue.

The best comment, however, goes to one reddit user who linked the wax Trudeau statue to that weird alien elephant thing that you see for a few seconds in The Fifth Element. 

Actually though, the comparison is on point. 

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