Want to have coffee with a stranger (read: new friend) while making some extra money?

Well, there’s an app for that. Actually. 

Nok Nok CAFE is a new digital service launched in Montreal and Quebec City that is basically like Uber or Airbnb, but for coffee. 

The founder of Nok Nok CAFE, Eric Azara, even described it as such in a press release

“We use the latest technology for people to reconnect in real life. Individuals opening themselves to others by welcoming them into their homes. Like Airbnb where you share your space for long hours or with UBER where you share a car with people by driving them.”

In essence, Nok Nok CAFE lets you create a cafe inside of your own home.

Either online or through the mobile app, you create a personal profile (inserting “important” details like what type of books you read and other areas of interest) and menu for your “cafe,” outlining what kind of beverages you’ll be offering and for what price.

Once that’s all done, folks using the app can search for cafe-hosts in their area. Find a cafe you want to visit, send a request-reservation (hosts need to approve of incoming guests), and you’re all set to have coffee with a complete stranger! Yay?

Paying for beverages at a Nok Nok CAFE host is done all through the app, so there’s no actual cash transactions done through the host and guest. Collected funds are sent to the host’s account. 

All jokes and sarcasm aside, Nok Nok CAFE does seem like a novel way to earn some extra cash. Montreal has a plethora of cafes, but there never seems to be enough to host all the coffee drinkers, students, and cafe-workers populating the city. 

Nok Nok CAFE can add a bit more supply to the cafe-demand. Plus, if you’ve ever dreamed of running your own coffee shop, this is a great way to make that dream a reality. It’s kind of like “Restaurant Day” in Montreal, but for longer than a single day. 

The app is marketing itself as a way to connect people in real life, because we’re all so disconnected in our increasingly digital society, yadda yadda yadda. Not that social isolation isn’t a dark reality of modern society, it just seems like having coffee inside a random person’s home is the answer to the problem. 

But who knows, maybe it is. If you want to find out more, and potentially create your own cafe, head over to Nok Nok CAFE’s website here.  

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