When you think of summer time I'm sure one of the top things that pops into your head is BBQ season. It's that time of year when inviting people over for dinner means you'll be cooking them up some burgers, sausages or ribs on the BBQ. 

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Ribs are one of those meals that almost every meat-lover can enjoy. They're messy but that just adds a level of fun to eating them. There's really nothing better than digging in to a big rack of ribs that are so juicy and slathered in sauce that they're literally finger-licking good. 

Well, all you rib-lovers rejoice because Montreal's Old Port is hosting a huge Rib Festival starting TOMORROW! 

via @legrandribfest

This unreal festival will be held in the Old Port from August 1st until 6th! It's attracting huge names in the BBQ world from all over North America, coming to showcase their secret sauces, perfectly grilled ribs, and alllll the sides! 

via @legrandribfest

This is officially the third year of ribfest, which means they're making this year bigger and better than ever with more amazing rib joints on site! 

via @legrandribfest

Some of the big names they've been releasing leading up to the festival are, Le Smoking BBQ to represent Quebec, Big Daddy's the champion of sauces, Blazing BBQ, and the classic Billy Bones stand will obviously be there again this year. 

via @legrandribfest

Check out this video from their Facebook page that will give you a little taste of what's to come: 

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