Honestly, there's nothing on this earth a plate of pasta cannot fix. 

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Actually, scratch that: there is nothing on this earth that a fresh, steaming hot plate of pasta can't fix. Seriously. Feeling down? Make yourself some spaghetti. Getting over a breakup? Roll that dough and make some macaroni. Just want to celebrate life? Whip out the pasta maker. 

via @dominique_lafond

And if you don't know how TF to make your own fresh pasta, then worry not. One brand new Montreal restaurant is here to save your meal.

Il Miglio (5235 St Laurent Blvd) is a brand new restaurant on Montreal's St. Laurent Street. 

It specializes in (you guessed it!) handmade, fresh AF pasta. So prepare for all your carby dreams to come true, friend.

via @mickaelbandassak

Sounds like the most delicious spot, ever? You know it! Check out Il Miglio on Facebook for more information.

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