Montreal has a variety of health stores that all offer unique treats and events, but I can honestly say that Montreal's newest health bar has to be my favorite! Not only can you get juices, salads, and smoothies but they also offer naturopathy which is "a set of methods of care aimed at strengthening the body's defenses by natural and biological means". 

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Centre De Santé NaturoVivre had its grand opening last weekend where they gave out free Mandy's Salads and they honestly rocked the boat! The even have some amazing workshops that include cooking classes and yoga session.

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NaturoVivre's health bar offers healthy and flavorful cuisine that also caters to vegans. All the juices and smoothies are made on-site, with juices freshly squeezed every morning!

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One of the best things on their menu has to be their Mandy's salads that you can get made fresh and don't even get me started about their smoothie bowls! They are located on 7779, Boul. Newman in LaSalle and I can honestly say this is my new go to!

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