Ok, so you've heard of Montreal's "Moroccan Themed" restaurant and "Hawaiian Themed" snack bar, but this THIS Argentinean themed restaurant truly takes the cake on being lit AF!

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Also referred to as an empanada bar, similar to the tartare bar & Dumpling Bar, this Montreal restaurant specializes in Argentinean delights, specifically their empanadas. Their hand-made empanadas follow ancestral recipes from Northwest Argentina and OMG are they ever F*CKEN amazing.

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Les empanadas Pachamama uses 100% natural ingredients with all their traditional, gourmet, and even vegetarian options. Oh, and don't even get me started on their fresh fruit juices!

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They also have a great terrasse for the summer! But, don't worry, you can also order take-out for those nights when you are just craving some AMAZING empanadas. They're open everyday and they are located on 1371 Rue Ste-Catherine E!

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