Alright, guys, it's time to be honest. There is no chicken on this earth quite like Portuguese chicken.

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It's crispy, juicy, and smothered in the best sauce ever invented: Piri Piri sauce, AKA, the most flavourful thing you could possibly slather your food in.

Honestly, the only thing stopping me from eating Portuguese chicken all day, everyday is the fact that Montreal doesn't have an all-you-can-eat Portuguese chicken spot.

Actually, that's not true anymore. Because starting Sunday, February 5, and every single Sunday after that, one Montreal restaurant will be making all of our (my?) Portuguese chicken dreams come true.

Poulet 3 Pattes (3224 Boulevard Rosemontwill be offering all you can eat Portuguese chicken (and fries!) for $15, every Sunday, according to a post on their Facebook:

Best deal ever? You know it.

For more information, check out Poulet 3 Pattes on Facebook.

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