The Montreal police are searching for a male suspect who has been entering the homes of elderly women, drugging them, then robbing them of their possessions. 

No forced entry has been reported. According to the SPVM, the suspect would converse with victims at their front door before carrying out the robberies. 

“The suspect used a charming, gentle approach to establish trust with his victims so they would let him into their homes,” said the Montreal police in a press release statement, reports Global News

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After getting inside the home, the suspect would then offer the elderly female victims some sort of food laced with a substance that would knock them unconscious. 

Upon waking up, the victims would soon see that they were robbed “but have no idea what happened,” said police. 

Older women in Dorval, Rivière-des-Prairies, and Pointe-aux-Trembles have been the target of these robberies. 

The Montreal police are calling out to the public for help in apprehending this suspect.

A thin, white male, aged 45-50, with a shaved head is the physical description of the suspect being offered by police. 

The suspect is said to be seen wearing a black tuque and coat, and is said to be an Anglophone, speaking French with an accent. 

If any readers have information to provide, an anonymous tip can be sent to the Info-Crime website. 

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