Montreal's traffic is definitely excessive, but it's a little bit overwhelming when we realize just how bad it actually is. How bad you ask? The worst in Canada.This isn't necessarily a competition that we want to be winning. But, nonetheless, we've taken home the crown for 2017. 

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INRIX keeps track of the traffic conditions worldwide, so really they know what's going on. And, this isn't the first time that Montreal's yearly ratings have been this high. 

Via inrix

Naturally, L.A and New York are dominating the charts.  But, even on a worldwide scale, we've done pretty well (or bad if you really think about it), ranking 38th in the world and 11th in North America, beating out Toronto.

Out of all the cities in the world, we are spending way too much time sitting in our cars.  Montrealers are wasting tons of time in traffic and tons of money on gas. This definitely isn't good news considering the rising price of gas. 

It doesn't really make much sense if you really think about it. Montreal has so many options for public transportation. Maybe these statistics will make people reconsider driving their car around town and send them into the arms of our loving metro system. 

You can check out the results of any city in the world right here

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