Montreal has always been known for being an awesome urban city and a great place to live. I am personally very proud to live in this amazing, diverse and exciting city.

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When you're young, it's great to constantly have new things to do. Being able to meet new kinds of people and expand your worldwide is one of the best parts about living in a city.

Well, we know that Montreal is amazing, but does the rest of the world? Turns out the answer is yes!

Out of 110 cities in the world, Montreal ranked the second best city in the world for young people! The only other city that beat us was Berlin, Germany. 

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Nestpick, an online search engine, looked at 17 different factors to determine the rankings. Everything they looked at fell into four main categories: work, affordability, openness and fun. Those are all pretty good things to be known for. 

Montreal's openness and tolerance for LGBT communities, immigration and contraception laws really appeal to young people according to Nestpick’s Ricky Sutton.

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The city is full of clubs, festivals and has a thriving start-cup culture. Its bilingualism and overflowing culture definitely makes it deserving of this title.


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