In Montreal we're starting to get used to paying more for everything, but that doesn't make it any easier put up with. We have higher cell phone bills, higher taxes and much, much higher construction costs.

Well now we can add gas prices to the list, because according to Global we're the second highest paying province in Canada, right behind Vancouver. 

At an average price of $1.34 per liter, we pay 26 cents more than people in Winnipeg. The annoying part is the fact that the added costs have nothing to do with the actual price of gas, they are all government imposed taxes. Every time the government needs money for something they dig into motorists' pockets, whether it be for road and infrastructure repair or even things that car drivers have no business paying for, such as bike paths.

Need something fixed in Montreal? Let's just charge driver an extra cent or two. What's a penny in the grand scheme of things? The only problem is that they're done this way too many time and costs have quickly added up.


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