Anyone who lives in Montreal can tell you that it's a great place to live as a young adult. There are always fun, free events happening, and, relative to other big cities, it's pretty affordable. 

As it turns out, this is not just an informal anecdote: according to a new report by Youthful Cities, Montreal is the second-best place for urban work in Canada, and has the highest employment ranking.

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TL;DR Montreal has been ranked one of the best urban cities for employment in Canada by Youthful Cities. We are also one of the most educated cities, and feature among the most affordable, too.

Youthful Cities consulted 170 young people across Canada to see what was important to them about work in cities. Then, they broke their answers down into 16 attributes and 48 indicators by which to rank a city, which combine to create an "urban work index." This means that the rankings go beyond just employment levels: how good jobs are, for example, and whether or not they are full-time.

Overall, Edmonton beat Montreal by a very small margin: only 6 points out of a possible 1310. According to Youthful Cities, "if it was a bit more affordable in transportation, [Montreal] would have been our #1 city overall. It ranked 10th overall in affordability but 13th in affordable transport." Darn it, STM.

Montreal entrepreneurship is described as "thriving in Canada’s largest Francophone city. It has the highest number of per capita applications to Futurpreneur and among the lowest base cost to get a business license." Go MTL!

It is ranked the tenth most affordable city to live in. Montreal is the highest ranking metropolis: Toronto is ranked 12th, while Vancouver is ranked 19th. Ontario leads the way with the most affordable cities: the top 6 most affordable cities are all in Ontario.

Montreal does quite well in terms of education, as well. The education ranking "measures secondary and post-secondary participation as well as indicators that capture the work experience youth typically engage in during their studies." Montreal ranks fifth. 

And we have the HIGHEST employment ranking, beating the next closest city, Yellowknife, by 9 points, 181.53 to 172.92.

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Of course, different cities have their different perks. Winnipeg, in 21st place, is better for youth who care about access to education and work integrated learning opportunities than Edmonton. 

The results of this survey are another fantastic opportunity for Montrealers to brag about their city.


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