Elegance is imbued into the DNA of Montreal. No other Canadian city quite compares to Montreal when it comes to glitz, glam, and sheer elegance, and now there’s proof. 

According to a world-wide ranking of cities performed by fashion retailer Zalando, Montreal is the most elegant city in all of Canada. 

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Dubbed the “The Most Elegant Cities in the World” rankings, the list isn’t arbitrarily chosen. A real research methodology was utilized. 

400 cities made the first cut, chosen out of thousands considered. Ranking these cities based on “relevant factors,” says Zolando, a short-list of 80 cities was created. 

From there, over 5000 fashion and architecture experts were sent across the globe to assess various cities. The 80 cities making the list were also analyzed based on three key categories: fashion factors, urban factors, and accessibility. 

To rank high on the list, a city needs to have a vibrant fashion scene, beautiful architecture, a steady stream of tourists, and be somewhat affordable, because elegance isn’t determined by how much money you have. 

After the 80 cities were ranked based on these factors, Montreal came out with the 31st place. 

Scoring moderately well in every mini-category, Montreal performed above-average when it came to “desirability by visitors” and financial accessibility.

People fall in love with Montreal upon their first visit and the city is pretty darn affordable, so the high scores in these categories aren’t much of a shock. 

Now, number 31 isn’t exactly a top-ten spot, but Montreal was only one of two Canadian cities to make the “most elegant” list. Vancouver took the 46th spot, cementing Montreal’s superior elegance. 

And, since no other Canadian city ranked above Montreal, the 514 is officially Canada’s most elegant city. 

Paris, London, and Vienna took the top three spots on the list. Venice and then Florence round out the top five. 

Below you’ll find the top ten cities (with Montreal tacked on at the end) and you can check out the full list here

1. Paris
2. London
3. Vienna
4. Venice
5. Florence
6. Barcelona 
7. New York
8. Bordeaux
9. Milan
10. Rome 
31. Montreal

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