Ever notice when you get on a bus and scan your STM card on the reader it takes several seconds to register. Annoying, right? Well, STM officials think so too, and as a result, are rolling out a 16.6 million dollar project to purchase 2,483 brand new card readers.

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These new card readers will also be installed at the back of larger buses, to allow bus-riders to enter through either door. This is good news for riders, especially on those cold winter days. Overall, the improvement should significantly increase the boarding process speed.

A spokesperson for the STM also explained that STM is also undertaking a separate and independent project to review and evaluate various methods of payment for transit fares.

In other words, the transit company seems to be shopping around for systems that would allow people to pay for their bus and metro fare by credit card right at the card reader. More updates to come.

More details on STM improvement projects here

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