Anyone who's familiar with the area around the access ramps to the Jacques Cartier Bridge, between Veterans and Suburbs Parks, knows that it's not exactly the most pedestrian friendly place. The struggle of trying to get to the Papineau metro without taking an annoyingly long walk-around detour is very real, and usually just ends with most people crossing the ramps anyway, zigzagging through the cars.

Hopefully this won't be the case for much longer, because Journal Métro reported this morning that there are plans in the works to create a pedestrian overpass between the two parks to increase access and address the safety concerns of people jay walking 4 lanes of traffic.

The design pictures that have been released look pretty damn cool, with 2 different colourful tiers - one for cyclists and one for pedestrians. Hopefully if the overpass works out here, they'll start putting these throughout the city, because Lord knows Montreal has some less than ideal pedestrian routes that could benefit from something like this.

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