Montreal is going to get hit by a “cyclogenesis” towards the end of the weekend, an atmospheric event better known as a “weather bomb.”

Expect the meteorological "bomb” to hit Montreal Sunday night and continue all-day Monday, says an Environment Canada meteorologist speaking to CBC. 

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The weather bomb will subside by Monday night. 

A low pressure system coming up from Florida’s east coast will be the cause of the weather-event, bringing with it tons of rain. 

About 50 millimetres of precipitation is expected to rain down on the Montreal region. Fierce winds strong enough to shake the leaves off of trees are also predicted. 

The Southern Quebec Severe Weather Network says the winds will “likely knock the remaining foliage off the trees,” thus blocking drainage pipes. Mild flooding could then be a result.

The pre-Halloween downpour will likely be worse in other areas of the province, where the weather bomb’s blowout will be more intense. 125 millimetres of rain is expected in the Saint Lawrence River area. 

But hey, at least no snow is predicted and the bombogenesis (yet another name for the weather-event) will subside by Halloween.

The snowflakes usually fly close to Halloween, so even though we may be getting bombed, there is a silver lining. 

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