The legalization of pot has been on everyone's minds recently, especially with the coming of new laws regarding smoking in public. 

Who would have thought that the city would actually go back and ban the smoking of cigarettes? Why are we going backwards here?!

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The suburb Hampstead wants to implement very strict laws as to where you are allowed to smoke. Right now, it looks like smoking in public will be banned, even on streets and sidewalks. 

As it is, this would be the most restrictive anti-tobacco laws in all of Canada. Fines for any infractions could range from $100 to $600.

Hampstead Mayor Bill Steinberg said the upcoming legalization of marijuana is what prompted them to put in this legislation. Town officials were concerned about the impact that public smoking would have on the community.

The citizens are responding with mixed emotions. Some think that it's a very good idea, especially considering the kinds of second-hand smoke that could affect the children of the neighborhood.

Others find it ridiculous! Riley Gallagher, for one, called it "ridiculous" and was frustrated that he would no longer be able to smoke in the street.


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