Southern Quebec is in the middle of an April snow and ice storm. The worst part: the snow is accumulating. While beautiful spring weather finally graced Montreal this past weekend, that meteorological progress has been obliterated.

To make matters even worse, hundreds of thousands of Hydro Québec customers have been without power since yesterday.

Montrealers are understandable upset. Applying their typical wit, countless city residents have taken to social media to complain.

So that we may all commiserate together and maybe get a good laugh on this miserable day, we've compiled below some of the best reactions from Montrealers disappointed with the weather.

At least today is Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day...

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TLDR: Montrealers are not happy with this weather, especially after such a lovely weekend. Below are compiled just some of the angry social media reactions.

If we yell at the weather enough, it will eventually stop.

What is this "spring" you speak of?

"We're in mid-April and there's a snowstorm in Montreal I've had enough."

"Can is stop snowing so we can have our damn spring with warm weather?"

It's time to abandon this old adage.

"I hope you haven't changed your winter tires." Indeed, the date to change out winter tires was last month. Montreal drivers will be unprepared.

No one asked for this.

Larger forces are at work.

Game of Thrones needs to chill.

Why can't Montreal treat us right?

"Snow in Montreal: like an ex that won't let you go. I've had enough."


Be safe out there, Montreal!

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