A group of Montrealers proved how amazing people can be when a fellow human is in need. In a video shot by remadxrealcitylive 3 young men were waiting for the metro when they noticed a woman lying down in the middle of the train tracks. They didn't hesitate and quickly jumped down between the tracks and attempted to wake the woman up.

When they realized that she wasn't responding even though she was conscious they didn't think twice and proceeded to picking the woman off the tracks and lifting her back onto the platform where she'd be safe. Once she was on the platform they realized she had a huge gash on the side of her face. (we're not sure if she was hit by someone and then thrown onto the tracks or weather she fell and hit her face as she went down).

Anyone who takes the metro knows that when you hear the train coming you only have a few moments to get out of the way which makes this all the more heroic. These 3 amazing Montrealers put their own lives at risk to help a complete stranger.

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