Most of the time, when you hear talk about the inequalities between men and women, it's mostly about the differences in salary.

But there's another issue that should bet getting more attention, the fact that women are being denied a right that men can enjoy freely. The right to be topless in public. 

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Montreal may have a lot of naked themed events, like the Naked Bike Ride, and the No Pants Montreal Metro Ride, but in Quebec it's still illegal for women top be topless in public. 

Yesterdays a woman named Jessica was relaxing in a park while drawing in her sketchbook and she decided to take her top off since it was so hot. Police approached the woman and threatened her with a $1000 fine if she didn't put her top back on.

Regardless of how you feel personally about nudity, the real issue here is the that that women's bodies are being policed, while men are allowed to carry on. 

Here's what she had to say about it:

***Woman in cover photo is not Jessica Sallay-Carrington***

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