Thanks to the diligent work of the Humane Society International (HSI), 90 dogs and puppies have been saved from the South Korean dog meat industry. Of those 90 dogs, 64 of them will be flown from South Korea to Canada and transported to Friends of HSI in Montreal. Before the dogs are put up for adoption, they will be cared for and rehabilitated and hopefully given a whole lot of love.

The dogs have now all been vaccinated against the dog flu, rabies, DHPP, coronavirus, distemper, and parvo and will be quarantined for a full 30 days before they're sent to Canada. 

These poor pups have had a hell of a life.

According to HSI/Canada executive director Rebecca Aldworth, the "dogs have spent the entirety of their lives locked up and neglected in this appalling dog meat facility, forced to live without even the most basic of care. Many of them were found dehydrated, malnourished, and exhibiting untreated injuries and skin conditions.”

This is the 15th dog farm that has been shut down thanks to HSI's work helping dog farmers who want to leave the industry. 

There were several breeds that were rescued, such as Golden Retrievers, Tosas, Chow-Chows, and Jindos, along with several types of terriers — all breeds that are typical to the dog meat industry. 

Most of these poor guys have spent their lives alone in cramped cages with little to no animal or human interaction. Most of them would have been sold to slaughter farms, markets or illegal dogfighters. 

For more uplifting news, check out the Instagram video above of a few of the dogs that were rescued. Storm was the last dog to be removed from the dog farm and it looks like she was pretty happy about it. 

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There are an estimated two million dogs a year reared on dog meat farms across South Korea. But most South Koreans don't eat dog meat. It's declining rapidly especially with the younger generations. And according to a 2018 survey by Gallup Korea, 70% of South Koreans say they won't eat dog meat in the future. 

The 64 dogs coming to Montreal will all need to find their forever homes once they have been rehabilitated. So if you're thinking of adopting, give one (or two!) of these guys a new leash on life and make them part of your family. 

The HSI and Friends of HSI are always looking for donations to help fund rescues and care for those animals. If you would like to donate click here.

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