Online shopping has become part of so many of our realities. And, with websites like Kijiji, you can find some unique gems at pretty unreal prices. Kijiji sells a lot more than just furniture, and let me tell you, there are some funny things for sale in Montreal right now.

Most of them are probably items you would have never thought about buying, but maybe you'll change your mind.

In the year 2020, you can find pretty much everything and anything on the internet.

From ordering food to finding a place to live, you never really need to get off your couch in order to purchase something you need.

However, what about those weird internet finds that either no one needs or that you would never dare to buy online.

After browsing Kijiji, I was in shock with the number of bizarre purchases that can be bought in and around Montreal.

If you have any weird items lying around the house, instead of throwing them out or holding on to them, why not see if you can get some money for them? They may be worth more then you think.

Star Wars Lightsaber

Cost: $5

For all you Star Wars lovers out there, you can call this bad boy yours for only $5. Although it's advertised as a kid's toy, you can enjoy this at any age.

Get it here

Vintage Phone

Cost: $27

Next time you're on the market for the latest iPhone, you should consider a vintage phone like this one from the '40s instead.

Get it here

Toilet Seat Cover

Cost: $5

Who wouldn't want to own a used toilet cover? Especially one covered in Looney Tunes! 

Get it here

1950s Toddler Underwear

Cost: $12

I never thought kids undergarments would look so big! These vintage panties are by far one of the weirdest things found for purchase online. 

Get them here

Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

Cost: $1

I mean, for $1, why not?

Get it here

Baby Socks

Cost: $10

I know parents love the smell of their baby's feet, but that doesn't always mean that you will love the smell of another child's feet. But if you do, you can buy these used baby socks for only $10. 

Get it here

Life-Size Alien 3 Head 

Cost: $1,675

For those big spenders out there, this alien head will cost you less than two grand and is sure to start a lot of conversations when you have guests over. 

Get it here

Happy shopping!

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