If I've learned anything from working with kids in the past, it's that no matter how old a human is, we all want to feel seen, heard and reassured. One Montreal mother, Danièle-Jocelyne Otou, founder of Female Department, has found the perfect way to ensure that her child feels all of these things.

She writes short notes of positive affirmations and puts them in her son's lunch box before he goes to school.

When asked what inspired her to start doing such, she told MTL Blog "The inspiration came from witnessing the power that reading/writing/listening to affirmations had on [her], personally, as a 30 year old woman."

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Danièle-Jocelyne believes children can benefit from the same tools to better themselves that adults do — like these positive daily affirmations.

"A lot of us start doing these things in order to help change certain habits or mindsets later on in life, but imagine if we grew up with these tools handy?"

Dani says the pandemic has acted as "a reminder for [her] to become more intentional about raising a conscious, kind child." 

"The most important reason to heal my limiting beliefs has been so that I don't pass them on to my child(ren), and instead include these practices as part of my parenting philosophy," she shared.

"And it's honestly worked wonders."

"He's the kindest, most compassionate, most generous kid I've ever met — and I'm not even saying that because he's mine."

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