You've probably dreamed of winning the Loto-Québec. But have you ever fantasized about winning the lottery twice... in the same day?

This is no fantasy for Léonce Simard, a Montrealer who won two major prizes in "La Grande Vie" draw on September 7: the jackpot of $1,000 per day for life and the secondary prize of $25,000 per year for life.


per year for life

Simard purchased two lottery tickets via for the same draw using similar number combinations that were significant to him, according to a press release

Tickets cost $3 per play, and his lotto winnings add up to $390,000 per year for life.

His odds of winning the jackpot alone were one in 13,348,188.

"I am extremely happy and I can't believe it! It's quite a shock. I want to take some time to think about how to make the most of my winnings," Simard said.

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