Most might hope to find buried treasure in their homes. But one local homeowner's discovery was a bit more (potentially) explosive. In a viral Reddit post, a user said he found an undetonated artillery shell in his Montreal house while digging.

"Found this while renovating. Any idea? Bomb squad on the way," the user, who goes by Clark Harrison on Reddit, captioned the post.

The post has received over 20,000 upvotes.

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4 ft

Depth of artillery shell, according to Harrison

Harrison said he evacuated his home, but was able to return after "a SWAT member came alone in relatively casual gear and was carrying an aluminium box to secure" the shell.

He claimed that the SWAT team member "confirmed it was live, but unshot so no need for a perimeter. They felt it was unnecessary to dig for more if we didn’t need to go any further."

In a statement shared with MTL Blog, the SPVM confirmed a SWAT team intervention in this case.

As for how the shell may have gotten there, Harrison and other Reddit users suspect that the home in the borough of Rosemont–La-Petite-Patrie once housed workers for a nearby factory that produced military weapons in the last century.

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