It's not often that eating a chocolate bar wins you a big bag of cash, but sometimes, following your sweet-tooth is totally worth it. Verdun resident Jessica Thompson, who, on a random depanneur trip, followed her sweet-tooth and found out that eating chocolate can actually be super beneficial to your well-being. 

$100,000 more beneficial to your well-being, in fact. 

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When the time came for my key and I saw the vault swing open, I was in shock that I’d won the Grand Prize.

Jessica Thompson

Thompson was one of 10 Canadian finalists in Caramilk's "Unlock The Secret" contest after finding a secret pin code in a Caramilk bar she purchased at a local dep. 

With a grand prize of $100,000, Thompson was excited to find out how good her odds of winning the money were.

"Caramilk is my favourite candy bar from as far back as I can remember. When I entered in my pin, I was surprised to see just how good my odds were at winning the top prize," said Thompson. 

After getting a "key" to unlock a virtual vault, Thompson was the final contestant to get a chance to win the money.

As luck would have it, her "key" was the winner. 

"This is such a sweet way to end what has otherwise been a difficult year. I am so excited for what’s to come," she said. 

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