While some parts of the country are bracing for Fall or even a Tropical Cyclone, Montreal is looking pretty damn good right about now.

Yes, Tropical Depression Six is looking like it will develop into Tropical Storm Erin and it has Environment Canada warning Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick, as they are likely to see some significant weather over the next couple days.

But here in Montreal, we can expect more of this amazing weather we've been having lately. The sun will be out, the sky will be blue... but look ma, no humidity!

Ah, the summer weather of my youth. Sunny, 25°C and a breeze. What more could a girl ask for?

And that's exactly what we're going to see for the next week... beautiful sunny skies and temperatures that are actually bearable.

Now let me address tomorrow before you all wake up, see the rain and start cursing me for lying to you.

Yes, tomorrow is going to be full of rain, there's a 90% POP so it's coming for us no matter what.


But can you take in that row of beautiful little suns following the rain? Like, hello!!!

There is also the "chance of a shower" on Friday, but the POP is only 40% so we may get lucky and see that one pass by.

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Otherwise, we're looking at sunny days, those low to mid-20°C temperatures that I just live for, and nice cool nights so you can crack those windows open and get a nice breeze flowing through your place.

The following week, though, you can see that we've got more rain coming as well as a significant drop in warmth, with four straight days of 20° temperatures. Even some of the nights are going to be dropping down as low as 13°C. 

Okay, Fall, we see you.

Which, I think I've made pretty clear lately, I'm so ready for Fall. 

Maybe that's why I'm embracing these cooler days... don't get me wrong I love the heat, but I'm down to go another year before I'm sweating in 35°C humidity.

For now I'll just be grateful for this amazing week we have ahead of us.

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