If you thought you had it the worst when it comes to this sudden winter storm that has shut down the entire city, consider the people who actually have to travel in this weather.

The poor souls that don't have the opportunity to call into work sick and take a personal day at home, but instead have to go outside and attempt to wipe all the snow and ice off their cars and hit the road.

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TL;DR Both the Montreal-Trudeau Airport and Jean-Lasage Airport are experiencing major delays and cancellations today. Below are tweets from customers who aren't pleased with today's winter storm.

Let's not forget it can get even worse than that, as there are people that had planes to take a flight today. Well, don't shoot the messanger, but whether you were travelling for business or pleasure... your flight departing the Montreal-Trudeau Airport is either delayed or cancelled today due to the conditions.

Via Aéroports de Montréal

So, yes, hundreds of people are either stranded at the airport right now or stuck at home braving the weather when they could be in a tropical paradise. 

Because of this, let's just say that Montrealers aren't too pleased right now.

Not only is the Montreal-Trudeau Airport suffering from the winter blizzard, but so is the Jean-Lasage Airport in Quebec City.

Those of us that (luckily) don't have a flight we're missing today have still taken the opportunity to complain about the weather.

Stay tuned for more breaking news on Montreal's flight delays and weather statements.


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