A new, comprehensive study from Educ'Alcool, sheds light on the cannabis and alcohol consumption of Quebecers. It, amongst other things, shows how consumption of weed and booze differ when looking at different regions, as well as differing among language demographics.

Amongst other things, it reveals that more Montrealers consume cannabis than do people in Quebec's other regions. It also reveals that Montrealers are more likely than the rest of Quebecers to smoke weed and drink alcohol at the same time.

It also demonstrates that, while francophones drink more than anglophones, more anglophones smoke weed than do francophones.

In fact, Educ'Alcool states that 30% of anglophones smoke weed, compared to 25% of francophones. And, though this might help in part explain why a higher percentage of Montrealers consume weed than the rest of Canada, Educ'Alcool believes there is another reason.

Notably, the fact that there are simply more legal dispensaries in the metropolis, and more illegal dealers, as compared to other regions. Better access = more consumption of the drug.

This might help explain why 26% of the Montrealers who consume cannabis and alcohol consume them at the same time. Montreal is rowdy like that, I guess.

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Interestingly, francophones drink more than their anglophone compatriots. Francophone respondents to the study indicate consuming 2.2 alcoholic beverages on average per week, as opposed to anglophones, who consume 1.9 beverages per week.

And, when compared to the abovementioned groups, allophones (people who speak both French and English) consume less cannabis AND drink less. Allophones have less fun?

Educ'Alcool is a a non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and helping people make informed decisions about drinking and the circumstances in which they drink.

This study, which surveyed almost 7, 000 people, including more than 1, 000 Montrealers, making it a "very reliable" survey.

You can read the full results of the survey here.

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