In many situations, it's helpful to think before doing. Though sometimes, people forget that and behave in brutish ways to others.

UPDATE: At the request anonymous reader who first submitted a video of the incident, the video has been removed from this article.

Yesterday afternoon, an eyewitness reported that an irate construction worker harassed a depanneur owner in the Mile-End over 50 cents. Our source describes a man who they've seen working construction near the depanneur getting into a dispute with the teller over being short 50 cents. 

The incident occurred at the Dany Enr Depanneur at 5417 Clark. Our source says that the dep owner is a kind, sweet man who offers cookies to his customers. According to our eyewitness, the Dany Enr owner is "iconic" in the neighbourhood.

A video* showed the whole incident as it happened. 

Our source was at the dep purchasing some items. They saw the construction worker enter the dep and immediately begin screaming at the teller, yelling obscenities and throwing money at the man. 

After the construction worker left, our eyewitnessed approached the dep owner and asked if he was okay. Apparently, the dispute had been boiling since the morning when the construction worker was short 50 cents.

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When the dep owner let the construction worker go in the morning, with the assurance that he would return later with 50 cents, all seemed to be fine. When he returned in the afternoon, he was clearly having a bad day. 

Aggressive gesticulating and yelling seemed to shock the dep owner who mostly stood in silence while a barrage of obscenities rained down on him. 

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Our source says the dep owner was shaken up but he gave them a cookie regardless. Sometimes, it takes nerves of steel to be a dep owner in Montreal. 

If you're in the neighbourhood, maybe stop into Dany Enr and show some support. You might even get a cookie!

*This article has been updated.

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