There is nothing that says date night in Montreal more than gorging on mouthwatering, cheese-filled poutine. Poutine is not only delicious but it also happens to be a huge part of the culture in Quebec. In recognition of this fact, Netflix Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has taken his beau to "Canadian boot camp" by showing him the ways of his hometown. 

It seems as though the city has been in a food coma since the holidays, but this local hunk still has room in his belly for decadent poutine, which is very Québécois of him! 

Netflix star Antoni Porowski is currently in Montreal with his boyfriend, Kevin Harrington, and of course, pigging out on poutine was on the itinerary. 

Harrington posted a picture of the "boot camp" to his Instagram story.

The poutine is piled high with smoked meat and pickles. Antoni appears to waste no time digging in while his boyfriend snaps the photo.

My stalker skills tell me that this picture was taken at the Frites Alors on St-Laurent.

Right after Harrington posted the poutine shot, he shared a photo of a yellow car parked in front of a typical Plateau townhouse. 

Porowski seems to have spent the holidays with his family and come to Montreal to show his boyfriend all the amazing things our city has to offer. 

He is a major television personality, best known for his food and wine knowledge on the Netflix series Queer Eye. He has also released a cookbook, Antoni in the Kitchen.

He also happens to be from Montreal, which makes me love him even more. 

Since his rise to fame, the celebrity has become kind of a hometown hero, and I know I am not the only local who adores this Montrealer. 

The star has a huge fanbase and active social media presence where he tends to offer glimpses of his private life and work off the show.

During the holidays, he shared photos and videos of his family's celebrations, which included decadent Quebec treats — "the stuff of dreams and cardiovascular disease," the star wrote on Instagram.

His humble demeanour, kind character, and charismatic energy are a great representation of our city. 

He currently lives in New York City. But his love for poutine shows that he will always be a Montrealer at heart!

I personally love Porowski and am trying to manifest running into him! If you spot this adorable couple roaming around the city, let us know (but also respect their privacy and personal space)!

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