• Quebec Premier François Legault once again asked landlords to be understanding if their tenants couldn't make the April 1 rent due date.
  • He also made clear that the Régie du logement will not accept any evictions during this time.

As a new month approaches, renters in Quebec are wondering if they'll be able to afford their apartments during the pandemic. At his daily press briefing on Tuesday, Premier François Legault reiterated his request that the province's landlords be understanding come the April 1 rent due date. He added that the Régie du logement won't be accepting evictions this month.

The Premier acknowledged that the pandemic is causing "cash flow problems for some people."

Despite the fact that some individuals are benefiting from the various government aid packages, affording rent might prove to be incredibly difficult for some of the most vulnerable populations. 

"I'm asking owners to be [understanding] but we've also made sure that the Régie du logement will not accept any evictions during this period," said Legault on Tuesday. 

The Premier first appealed to Quebec landlords on March 25, asking them to wait a few days before collecting April rent if possible in situations where tenants can't afford it.

Many people who have signed up for government benefits will only receive their first cheques on April 6, he said. 

Tenant advocacy groups and Québec Solidaire would like the Legault government to do more, however.

Varied opinions, from deferring payments to outright cancelling rents and mortgages, have been suggested. 

FRAPRU and the RCLALQ, for instance, have laid out a series of recommendations for tenants who face financial difficulties.

Both assure renters that there are no legal means for a landlord to evict anyone during the pandemic.

However, both groups are demanding that the Legault government consider an emergency rent supplement package for low-income individuals.

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Québec Solidaire, on the other hand, has made a formal appeal that the government defer rent and mortgage payments for 30 days in April. 

Other groups such as Grève des Loyers are asking that people go on strike to protest against rent and mortgage payments in April. 

Translation: We begin the rent strike from April 1, we will not bear the burden of this crisis alone! WHITE SHEETS FOR THE RENTAL STRIKE!

An online petition to Legault and Ministers Danielle McCann and Andrée Laforest for a moratorium on rent has gained 8,531 signatures and counting. 

There are now 4,162 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. 

Stay tuned for more news. 

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