If you're anticipating nice weather in the coming week, you might be disappointed to know that it'll be raining for most of the week. Though it'll be warm, Montreal will see rain for four days in a row next week! Depressing! 

The rain begins this weekend. According to The Weather Network, Saturday will bring heavy showers and an 80% chance of precipitation. Sunday, the rain will continue in the morning and should hopefully taper off in the afternoon. 

While the city will get a tiny reprieve from the rain on Monday, Tuesday marks the beginning of four straight days of rain that'll inundate the city. Temperatures will be between 18°C and 20°C, so no need to take out the jacket.

Check out the 7-day weather forecast courtesy of The Weather Network below: 

As you can see, temperatures are quite nice and easily manageable. What might throw a wrench into everyone's plans this weekend and next week will be the constant rain. Montrealers next week might be as depressed as a Seattle grunge rocker. 

The city was dealing with heavy rains and meltwater from the snow all April, causing massive amounts of flooding in RDP, Laval, and Pierrefonds, among others. The flooding subsided a few weeks ago, but not after pricey damages to residential neighbourhoods

With rain comes the famous Montreal humidity, so be prepared to sweat. The coming week might be a good time to break out the fans at home because the air will be stagnant and stifling all week long.

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Notoriously annoying, Montreal's humid weather is a common occurrence that you have to prepare for. But this does mean shorts weather is almost upon us!

In fact, the following week, projected by The Weather Network's 14-day forecast, is anticipating hot, clear, and sunny days. Does this mean summer is finally here? You better believe it! 

Though April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, it seems that May showers are now bringing June flowers, which isn't catchy at all. Thanks, climate change!

Though it'll be kinda crappy next week, Montrealers can anticipate some awesome weather for the official start of June. 

We're almost there, folks! 

To read more about Montreal's weather forecast, check out The Weather Network. 

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