• Black Friday has proven to be a shopping time for some, and a time to protest in Montreal for others.
  • Extinction Rebellion (XR) was the group behind the many anti-consumerist swarms today, and they have definitely made an impact on the minds of many.
  • See pictures of the Black Friday protests below!

People who went out early this Friday morning to the city center to take advantage of the incredible discounts offered by the stores on Black Friday also got to witness a number of protests in Montreal. The group Extinction Rebellion (XR) took advantage of this day to educate Montrealers about overconsumption and the consequences it may have elsewhere in the world. The consequence was shops all along St. Catherine Street being swarmed with protesters.

The group started their day in front of the Best Buy on St. Catherine Street, where many gathered around 6:30 this morning, holding posters.

While the group ensures that they demonstrate without causing problems to consumers, which they refer to as peaceful protests, vandalism was still committed, while the windows of some well-known shops received very special treatments.

With these protests, Extinction Rebellion wants people to be aware of the impact of their purchases on the planet and its inhabitants, while some products are made in horrible human conditions and pollute a lot.

Some shops have been redecorated with posters firmly stuck on the windows, like the one above, where you can read "consumerism kills" - a fairly clear summary of what the XR group defends.

The glue is even stuck in the windows, as seen in the photos below.

Among the shops affected are Tim Hortons, La Vie en Rose, The North Face, Simons, Monaco Club, Canada Goose, Roots, H & M, Garage, Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret, Brown's, Brandy Melville, Cos, Aldo and Tristan.

In some cases, protesters even made access to the stores impossible.

In short, there were many protests, as well as shoppers, on St. Catherine Street. So, the authorities had to follow the situation closely.

The situation definitely caused some headaches at several shops in Montreal.

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