• The election campaign signs of two Montreal candidates have been spray-painted with swastikas in the last week.
  • It is unclear whether these incidents are related.
  • The candidates, one Liberal and one Conservative, are calling out these hateful acts of vandalism.

Mariam Ishak, a Conservative candidate in the Pierrefonds-Dollar federal riding of Montreal saw one of her campaign signs vandalized with a swastika this Sunday.

UPDATE: This article has been updated with a statement from Mariam Ishak.

On social media, Ishak denounced the hateful graffiti and says that no candidate deserves to be targeted like she was. Incidents like these, unfortunately, show that there's still an ugly side to Canadian politics that some still don't acknowledge. 

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Ishak chose to run as a Conservative candidate in Pierrefonds-Dollard in 2018. Along with her political career, Ishak is an investment manager at CIBC, has raised two children,* and is a member of the National Council of Women of Canada. "At the core of my political involvement is the passion to defend hard-working Canadians here in Pierrefonds-Dollard," says Ishak. 

A Liberal candidate in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve riding also saw her signs defaced with swastikas this weekend. The signs belong to the candidate Soraya Martinez Ferrada. According to CBC, the signs have been removed and the Liberal party has filed a police complaint.

The poster (seen below) was discovered Sunday and Ishak took to social media to denounce the message. 

Ishak responded to the vandalism earlier today with a video in which she denounces this expression of hatred. In a statement Ishak said that she'll "be pursuing this vehemently as there is absolutely no room for hate in our communities across Canada. We can do better than this.” 

Unfortunately, Montreal has seen a disproportionate amount of swastika incidents in recent years.

In 2017, an N.D.G. resident's car was defaced with anti-semitic messages and that same year, Laval residents saw a whole community centre emblazoned with the hateful symbol

Also in 2017, a Quebec village refused to remove an anchor that prominently displayed a swastika from a park.

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Anti-semitism and hateful messages aren't exclusive to just public vandalism. Early this month, the Liberals had to drop candidate Hassan Guillet after a Jewish advocacy group revealed social media posts that were called hateful.

In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve this weekend, Liberal candidate Soraya Martinez Ferrada and her team filed a police complaint after finding that her signs had also been defaced with a swastika. 

Hate is hate, regardless of political affiliation. Federal leaders would be wise to denounce these incidents. 

According to B'nai Brith, hateful, anti-semitic messages are on the rise in Canada.

Though recent incidents in Montreal weren't directed to Jewish candidate, the message is clearly fueled by hate. 

MTL Blog will bring you more updates as they are released.

*This article has been updated.

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