• The Quebec Education Ministry recently announced that the ethics and religious culture course being abolished, and the CAQ is asking all Quebecers for ideas on what class should replace it.
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The Quebec Education Ministry recently announced that they will be abolishing ethics and religious culture courses in elementary and high schools across the province. With this announcement, Education Minister Jean-François Roberge and the CAQ is asking for public opinions on what kind of class should replace the ethics and religious culture course. Experts estimate that the course will be replaced by one that will focus on a student's "role as a citizen", according to CBC News.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Roberge said that the program's objective is to bring 21st-century themes into Quebec classrooms.

By making room for new ideas, he says, the aim is to move the focus away from learning religious concepts to learning more general themes. Overall, the plan is to replace ethics and religious culture with a course that covers topics such as citizen engagement, democracy, legal education, eco-consciousness, sex and relationships, and digital literacy. 

The ethics and religious culture courses have been at the forefront of education controversies in the province since they were first introduced in 2008. Former governments have tried to abolish the course on the grounds that it over-accommodates other religions.

The CAQ is asking the public to give their input into what they'd like to see on a new school curriculum.

You can participate in the survey here

Some argued that making the ethics and religious culture courses mandatory infringed on people's religious freedom - a case that was brought to and ultimately dismissed in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Due to the implementation of Bill 21, lawmakers and government authorities argued that forcing children to take the ethics and religion class was inconsistent with the province's secularism laws. 

Translation: We want to offer students a modern course focused on self-respect and other topics that will allow them to fully take their place in Quebec society. I invite you to participate in the online consultation.

Though some are sad to see the course be abolished and worry about the consequences of the CAQ's decision, many more believe that this is a step in the right direction.

The decision to abolish the course also worries some people that believe the CAQ's changes to the education curriculum will allow for xenophobia and religious intolerance to proliferate.  

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Despite concerns, the CAQ is moving ahead with the plan and the changes to the curriculum will be reflected by the end Quebec government's first mandate.

In fact, the Education Ministry is asking for the public's input into what a new course could potentially look like. By completing a short online survey, the public can participate in the consultation process. 

The survey covers the topics that the CAQ plans to implement in the new course such as ecological responsibility, mental health well-being, sex and sexuality, and more. 

Citizens can even input their own ideas at the end of each section. 

To participate in the public consultation, you must be a Quebec student or a Quebec resident. 

Personally, I'm hoping that the CAQ considers putting some financial literacy courses in there because here I am, 11 years after graduating high school, and have no idea how to do my taxes.

It's on my New Year's resolutions, ok? 

To participate in the survey, please visit the official portal provided by the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur. 


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