• The dream of electric bikes is alive in Montreal, with another option soon coming to e-cyclists in the city.
  • BIXI Montreal is now planning on making their electric bikes available as soon as the end of August.
  • BIXI is also hinting at a lower price point than other contenders like Uber's JUMP bike.

BIXI will soon be adding their new electric bikes to Montreal's already crowded transit market. After the recent launches of Uber's JUMP bikes and the new Lime electric scooters, it is BIXI's turn to woo Montrealers with their take on electric transportation.

BIXI will be launching their electric bike service as early as the end of the month. The service is expected to launch by the end of August, or early fall. However, the date has not yet been set in stone as "applications for approval are still being reviewed," according to the CBC.

BIXI launched their electric bike pilot last year, when a total of 60 bikes were tested on the Montreal market. Their bikes, which take four hours to charge, can travel about 60 k.m, and go as fast as 25 k.m./h.

In comparison, Lime bikes max out at 20 k.m./h and JUMP bikes can go as fast as 32 k.m./h. 

In the initial pilot project, electric BIXIs and regular BIXIs were the same price. However, the CBC now reports that this will not be the case when the bikes are officially launched.

A BIXI representative told the CBC that the bikes will be cheaper than JUMP bikes, which come out to about $9 per half hour, but more expensive than regular BIXIs, which cost $3.25 per half hour.

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A fleet of about 100 electric bikes will be available to Montrealers. This number is subject to change depending on demand.

Like JUMP bikes and electric scooters, it will be mandatory to wear a helmet when riding an electric BIXI. Helmets are not mandatory for regular BIXI users.

CTV reports that, though JUMP bikes have vbeen popular with Montrealers, they believe that their cheaper price point and the fact that they are a local company will continue to have Montrealers choosing them over the competition.

Have you tried any of the electric transit options that have been rolling out across Montreal? What do you think? 

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