• A recent survey by Kisi, a mobile tech company, ranked the top 40 cities in the world for work-life balance.
  • Three Canadian cities made the list, but Montreal was, surprisingly, nowhere to be seen.

Canada tends to rank in the top percentile when it comes to 'best of' polls. We've been in the top 10 for the sexiest country and number one for things like the freest country. Montreal herself has even won the crown for the best city biking paths.  

But there is a list where we have fallen short. Very short. While it's always nice to see other Canadian cities on the best-of lists, we're still surprised when places like Vancouver and Toronto beat us...at pretty much anything.

A new survey by Kisi, a mobile tech company, looked into cities around the world that have the best overall work-life balance and surprisingly Montreal was nowhere to be seen.

The study focused solely on cities "to benchmark their ability to support the fulfillment of residents’ lives by improving the aspects of life that help relieve work-related stress and intensity."

Basically, which 40 cities work hard and play hard? Only three Canadian cities made the list. Vancouver squeezed into the last place in the top 10 with Ottawa following at number 11. But Toronto wasn't too far behind at number 13.

So who were the big winners when it comes to the work-life balance of their citizens? Helsinki, Munich, and Oslo were the top three winners. 

The study looked at three broad categories: the Work Intensity score, which includes things like work hours per week, vacation, commuting, arrival time, sick days, and parental leave; Society & Institutions Score, which includes healthcare, gender and LGBT equality, and social spending; and a city's Livability Score, including data like overall safety, happiness, and stress. 

Perhaps we're biased, but how does Montreal not rank high for most of these categories? There is the off chance that Kisi just didn't have enough data on our city to be considered part of the study.

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The cities that were considered to have the overall poorest work-life ranking were Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan; and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Tokyo also came in at the number one most overworked city in the world, followed closely by Washington and Houston.

Ok, so the data looks somewhat skewed. The United States dominated the best work-life list with 17 cities but only three made it in the top 20; San Diego (17), Portland (19), San Fransisco (20).

We did reach out to see why Montreal fell short; perhaps it was due to the lack of data, but Kisis has yet to respond. 

To see the entire list from the Kisi report, click here

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