If you passed by the corner of rues de la Gauchetière and Robert-Bourassa this morning, you might have seen an art installation that demands climate change awareness. 

This striking artwork is part of a new Greenpeace initiative that "brings attention to the impacts of climate change and the role of the oil industry in contributing to the climate crisis," according to an official statement from Greenpeace. It was installed early this morning in collaboration with renowned local street artist, Roadsworth

According to Greenpeace, the installation is meant to "mimic how oil companies proudly tout the benefits of their products but instead bring attention to the harm they cause because of climate change." The Montreal installation went up in conjunction with 25 others around the world.

The installation consists of six 13x13 foot wide banners that depict various climate catastrophes including floods, droughts, and forest fires. Greenpeace argues these disasters are caused by fossil fuel companies. 

On one of the banners reads, "Désastres climatiques, gracieuseté de Shell, BP, Exxon et Suncor" (Climate disasters brought to you by Shell, BP, Exxon, and Suncor). Greenpeace claims that the 100 biggest fossil fuel companies in the world "are responsible for the majority of the pollution that has triggered the climate crisis."

The artist who helped Greenpeace install these banners, Roadsworth, says that "art is a powerful way to tell the truth about the oil industry. I encourage everyone to embrace their artistic side and explore their own creative ideas to expose the reality of climate change. We can make change happen together, from the ground up."

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The banners have certainly captured the public's attention and Greenpeace hopes that this new project will bring more awareness to a global issue. Climate change is perhaps the biggest existential crisis facing humanity

Similar installations blanketed 25 cities in total around the world this morning. Each "ad" conveys a similar message. As the day unfolds, Greenpeace plans to put up more artwork in Montreal. 

“If we want to put an end to the oil industry’s toxic business model, we must mobilize and tell the truth about this industry so that they, and our governments, can be held accountable," says Yann Robitallie, Greenpeace activist. 

The banners will be in Montreal for an undetermined amount of time. If you spot one of them, snap a photo and take some time to think about our impending climate crisis.

You can see the Greenpeace banners on the corner of de la Gauchetière and Robert-Bourassa in downtown Montreal. 

Climate change is our new reality and to combat it, we'll need all the help we can get. 

For more information about initiatives from Greenpeace Canada and to sign up as a volunteer, please visit their official website

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