Denis Begin was discovered missing from his facility in Laval on Friday, prompting a widespread manhunt and a call for help from law enforcement. Begin was being kept in a minimal-security prison for second-degree murder, among other charges.

As of right now Mr. Begin is still on the loose, and police have not announced any new updates.

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TL;DR Convicted felon Denis Begin is still on the run, after escaping from a minimum security prison last week. Police are urging members of the public to come forward with any information.

Denis Begin is currently serving a life sentence. He escaped from the Federal Training Center, a center for offenders approaching their parole date that have not caused any problems in recent years.

On Halloween in 1993, Begin walked into a bar wearing a ski mask and a hockey mask, and shot 19-year-old Ricardo Gizzi. Gizzi died from his injuries. He was initially sentenced to first-degree murder, but he and his lawyer appealed the decision and were able to reduce the offense to second-degree murder.

Begin is also known to be tied to biker gangs in Montreal. Before being arrested, he was an informant for Quebec's anti-biker squad.

Police believe that Begin is hiding in Gatineau, west of Montreal, or in the Outaouais region. Anyone with information on Begin's whereabouts is urged to come forward.

Read the full release fro Sûreté du Québec here.

Anyone who sees Begin should call 9-1-1. People with information may also submit it confidentially by calling 1 800 659-4264.

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