Since they're going to be mandatory in indoor spaces soon, it's time to figure out where to get cool masks in Montreal. July 27 is around the corner, the day which wearing a mask inside will start to be enforced in the city, so we went hunting for spots that take a public health guideline and make it cute. And, Citizen Vintage has managed to do exactly that.

Masks are the latest and greatest accessory for 2020. So, wearing a mask that fits your outfit can be seen as a way of taking your style to new heights.

Citizen Vintage is making masks a true part of our day to day outfits by selling matching masks and shirts, which are sold separately but ultra-trendy.

Both the masks and the shirt vary in price depending on the material used and intricacy in the style.

The masks will cost you $20 or less and are all made from the pieces of their collection, making each style very limited.

You can pick up your new mask at either of the two Montreal stores found at 4059, boulevard Saint Laurent and 5330, boulevard Saint Laurent, or you can order them online.

Some sets are very "matchy-matchy," while others have a fashionable contrast, making the pieces easy to mix and match with items you already own.

The masks you see on the store's Instagram are mainly out of stock, but there's still a variety of cute options to choose from on the site.

The owners of Citizen Vintage told MTL Blog that they're "working on some more masks that will match some summer dresses that should be ready in a week or so."

That means we should keep an eye out for some upcoming August outfit inspo.

Instead of being upset about having to wear a mask, Citizen Vintage is finding ways of making masks trendy.

And, for a very reasonable price.

You can find different shirts all over the website that'll pair up perfectly with some of Citizen Vintage's unique masks.

Don't let your outfit be ruined by a mask that's not on point with your outfit.

Because if we're being honest, not wearing a mask is so last season.

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