In a press conference on November 25, Dr. Mylène Drouin, Montreal's regional public health director, listed questions the municipal government received from Montrealers about public-health protocols to be upheld during winter in Quebec.

Among them, she said, the city had received questions about masks, scarves and other facial coverings worn in the winter in Montreal, as well as issues surrounding public transportation.

In particular, Drouin said she frequently receives questions from Montrealers regarding consuming food on public transit during the pandemic.  

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When you remove your mask [to eat], you put others at risk.

Dr. Mylène Drouin, in a press conference on November 25

However, Drouin clarified that it's not recommended to eat food on public transit or in enclosed public spaces, mostly due to the fact that social distancing isn't always possible.

In the event that two-metre distancing isn't possible, Drouin said, Montrealers need to wear masks.

She also clarified that wearing winter accessories doesn't make Montrealers exempt from practicing public-health protocols like hand-washing and wearing a three-layer mask.

"Even if you wear a scarf, it does not replace a mask in terms of efficiency," Drouin said. "The same goes for winter gloves."

She urged Montrealers to continue washing their hands every time they exit public transportation services or a retail store, despite skin being covered by winter gear.

"Don't [drop your] vigilance," she said.

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