In a press conference on October 16, Quebec public health minister Christian Dubé confirmed that hospitals are no longer expected to reach capacity soon — and he said this shows red-zone measures are making an impact.

While the Institut national d'excellence en santé et services sociaux (INESSS) previously reported that hospital beds in Montreal and nearby regions were projected to reach capacity early next month, their updated data shows that is no longer the case.

New projections show that at current rates, hospital beds are not expected to reach capacity in the province in the coming weeks. 

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Our hospital capacity has been stabilized with the efforts of the last two weeks.

Minister Christian Dubé, in a press conference on October 16


ICU beds in the province are also no longer expected to reach capacity any time soon. Last week, INESSS had projected that intensive care units would reach capacity by the end of October. 

Dubé said the stabilization in projections shows that red-zone closures and efforts made by Quebecers are working to reduce the effects of the second wave.

However, he said it's not the time to get lax or give up on the government's restrictions, all of which are in place until at least October 28.

"If we want the cases to diminish and the virus to affect the least [amount of] victims possible, we have to continue this way."

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