February is the time of the year when we all need a pick-me-up. It is cold, and dark, and the snowstorms just keep coming. 

Nothing says comfort like daytime television (we can all remember the days we took off sick and spent watching reruns of "Friends," "Say Yes To The Dress," and talk-shows like "Ellen."

And now, comedian and daytime television giant Ellen Degeneres is coming to Montreal!

TL;DR Ellen Degeneres is coming to the Bell Centre on March 1. Tickets are on sale starting Wednesday.

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Ellen Degeneres is best-known for her daytime talkshow "The Ellen Degeneres Show," a show that has won 59 Emmies. We've all seen the interview clips on YouTube, the viral celebrities, and the funny games.

She has also dipped her toes back into standup recently, having recently released a standup show on Netflix.

The Bell Centre performance is titled “A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres,” and it "will highlight her one-of-a-kind sense of humor, warmth, and kindness."

It will be a discussion with Ellen Degeneres and a moderator, and is based almost entirerly on audience participation. If you've ever had any burning questions to ask the comedian, now is your chance.

@theellenshowembedded via  

She will also be making a stop in Toronto.

Tickets will be on sale here starting Wednesday, February 13.



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