We've been doing our best to keep you updated on all of the ongoing events that happened today in Montreal, so here's what we know went down so far.

An underground fire and subsequent explosions in Rosemont/La Petite Patrie earlier today led to a shutdown of service on the STM's Blue Line for nearly four hours.

In order to deal with the emergency, power was cut to many across Montreal. Electricity will not be restored to some homes until 11 PM tonight, according to the Hydro Quebec website.

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TL;DR Montreal faced a pretty drama-filled day. Due to an underground fire that caused several explosions, the STM's Blue Line was down for several hours and many Montrealers are still without power. 

As we reported earlier today, the chaos seemed to start in Rosemont early this afternoon.

In the video below, sent to MTL Blog by user Lina Garcia, you can see the smoke and debris from the fire bursting out through the manhole cover.

@mtlblogembedded via  

Electricity was then cut to allow firefighters access to the manholes and Hydro Quebec equipment that caught fire.

For a while, over 40,000 people in Quebec were without power, which doesn't include the areas of Quebec that are currently without power due to extreme cold.

Montreal's metro service faced the repercussions of this fire, as well.

The blue line was shut down around 12:30 PM today and didn't resume service until 4:30 PM, leaving many commuters stranded and waiting.

Even now that the trains have returned to their "regular service," there are evidently still some delays.

While metro services have resumed, many people are still waiting for power to return to their homes.

And by power, of course, I mean heat.

The tweet above (condensed in translation) reads, 

"Do you mind investing in your infrastructure [...] This is the second breakdown of the month in Villeray, Montreal. We have been without electricity since noon and it should be restored at 7 pm."

All of this comes after Hydro Quebec implored customers earlier today to reduce their electricity consumption because of the increasingly cold temperatures.

Many areas outside Montreal have been dealing with power outages today, too. As many as 1,000 customers went an hour without power this morning between 8 and 9 AM.

While it seems our little city went through mayhem today, there have been no reports of any injuries so we can be thankful for that, at least.


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